Designing for the 10ft UI


Previously our contact centers customers running the Broadworks platform had little to no visibility on the current state of their call queues, staff and performance. An existing "proof of concept" product was filling this gap but needed an overhaul.


After conducting interviews and prototyping with our customers, we were able to signicantly improve the presentation of the data and surface the real time analytics that mattered. All within a customizable dashboard with multiple views and a customer driven feature set.


User Testing, User Research
Lead UX, UI & Front-End Layout
Customer Support & Documentation
Product Marketing & Backlog Management


Currently handling 29K+ calls per day across all queues (up 30% on previous release)
Partnering with Plantronics to surface real-time acoustics & call sentiment via API’s.


Desktop version for individual agents (built with electron)
Mobile Version (created using cordova)

Quick prototype in code

I created a quick html prototype to display the modules and desired interactions were built using Bootstrap & jQueryUI. A range of micro-interactions were created for the different alert states, the "tilt" angle of the module while dragging and subtle cursor changes to a help the user with the concept of "grabbing" the tiles to reorder them along the dashboard.


Product screens and sketch artboards


Tile selection & Agent states


AgentQ MyStats

With the increase of distrubuted contact centers, a version of the AgentQ application has been created to surface the data of the individual agents in the call center queues.

This companion app includes call rating tools and is designed to work as a taskbar app on desktop & mobile devices, all built and deployed for a single codebase.

Prototype of the mobile app created using HTML5 Polymer Components and Cordova.

Prototype of the desktop /taskbar app created using Electron by Github

Desktop and mobile prototypes for individuals