"Poker takes five minutes to learn but a lifetime to master."
Mike Sexton


I was approached by the World Poker Tour to redesign their Poker training website & products including training videos, live events material and hand replayer tool. Poker is a simple game to learn but has some very complex concepts.

The WPT required a tool which could be used on screens in live training environments and also by students to enter hands on thier mobile devices.

We decided on creating a 16:9 ratio landspace layout which can work on mobile devices and also be projected onto large displays.


After research and analysis we found from a teaching perspective the tool needs to work in a linear fashion both forward and backwards. The tool needed the ability to toggle the players chip count between a monetary value and terms of "big blind" remaining.

The students can then input all the information about a specific hand of poker they have played and send this to the trainer (and friends) for an feedback on how well (or badly) they played the hand.


In a Tournament, it folds to the Hijack who limps.The Cutoff folds.
You are on the Button with K♦J♣. Action is on you, what do you do here?


LearnWPT Website

Working with the team, we built out a website for subscribers including strategy videos, downloads and hand input tool. Students can purchase tickets for live training events and download training materials.


Poker Professional Nick Binger at a LearnWPT Live event at the Bellagio